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We are happy to announce our second talk: „Free Open Source Tools for Maven, HTML5, IoT, and Java EE“ by Geertjan Wielenga, a Principal Product Manager for NetBeans in the Oracle Developer Tools group. He is a Java technology enthusiast, evangelist, trainer, speaker, and writer from Amsterdam.

When and where

The event will be held on the 25th of August 2015, at 18:00 local sharp, again at the bitstars GmbH headquarter, Hanbrucher Straße 40, 52064 Aachen. Admission is free, but you are asked to register via Google forms so that we know how many guests to expect. We will have a raffle of Java-related books from O’Reilly between the preregistered guests before the talk starts. After talk we wrap up with some free drinks together with the speaker, giving you the opportunity to ask him some more questions in private.

Abstract of the talk

Are you struggling in being productive with Maven, HTML5 frameworks such as AngularJS, IoT hardware such as the Raspberry Pi, and Java EE? Do you want free, easy to use, out of the box tools for quickly and efficiently developing all kinds of applications? You really need to give NetBeans a whirl!

In the „Free Open Source Tools for Maven, HTML5, IoT, and Java EE“ session, you’ll learn about the latest enhancements and cool features of the free, open-source NetBeans IDE, which are used around the world, from engineers at Boeing and NASA to Java architects such as James Gosling himself.

If you haven’t looked at the NetBeans IDE lately, you’ll be blown away by the fast speed and performance enhancements. If you are completely new to the NetBeans IDE, see how easy it is to get started and be productive.

Biography of Geertjan Wielenga
Geertjan Wielenga

Geertjan is Dutch, but raised in South Africa. Over the last few years he has been living and working in the Netherlands, Austria, then in the Czech Republic, and now in Amsterdam. He started working for NetBeans in May of 2004. He was a technical writer in the NetBeans Docs team in Prague, now a Product Manager for NetBeans. Before joining the NetBeans team, he worked as a technical writer for Coca-Cola in Vienna, Compuware in Amsterdam, Seagull Software near Rotterdam, and Four Seasons Software (which became SuperNova and was then taken over by WRQ in Seattle) near Utrecht.

He writes the definitive blog on NetBeans.

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