Recap of our second talk

Published on Aug 27, 2015, Permalink

We had 22 participants for our second talk „Free Open Source Tools for Maven, HTML5, IoT, and Java EE“ by Geertjan Wielenga. After a short journey through the history of NetBeans and the users of NetBeans, he quickly advanced to showcasing where NetBeans 8 is now and especially where NetBeans 8.1 (currently in beta) will head. It shines in the polyglot programming of HTML5-apps with a Java Backend — quite a common combination. He also proudly showed us the final version of his new book about NetBeans, which will be available just in time for JavaOne at the end of October.

Geertjan speaking

Geertjan concluded his talk with pointers to the vibrant NetBeans community and NetCat, the community-based testing and release approving programme.

22 people in the audience

After Geertjan, we had the short talk by Simon Heinen, CTO of bitstars GmbH, speaking about „Sharing most your code between the front- and backend“. He introduced us into their field of expertise, virtual and augmented reality. Then he gave a demo of their web app for creating AR scenes and concluded with technical details about how they share their business logic between server and client and how they ensure the consistency of the data model they use. By adding meta attributes to the fields of their (Java) data model classes they can do validation and automatic form rendering on the client and are able to generate the correct JSON structures for transferral to the client.

Our prizes

Between the talks, we raffled books from O’Reilly between the guests and after Simons Talk, we had some nice conversations along with our free drinks. Michael also made a blog post about the evening.

Our next talk will be from Stéphane Nicoll (Spring Boot Committer) by Pivotal, Inc. talking about „Building cloud native apps with Spring Boot“. The talk will be held on 2015-10-08. So mark your schedules, we will have doors open at 18:00 local.

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