Recap of our last talk

Published on Nov 5, 2015, Permalink

We had 28 listeners for our talk about Spring Boot by Stéphane Nicoll that was held on 2015-10-08.

Stéphane had the shortest slidedeck ever, with just one slide for his introduction. From there on it was live coding all the way.

Stéphane lead us through the development of a cloud-enabled web app with front- and backend. He showcased the nice integration of Spring Boot into IntelliJ IDEA, showed us some nifty tipps and tricks regarding Spring Boot. It was amazing how easy things like security, backend, persistence and REST functionality could be integrated by the concepts of the spring starter artifacts. Finally, Stéphane moved the app from his laptop to the CloudFoundry service with a simple command line command without any changes.

We wrapped up the evening with some fruitful discussions with Stéphane about the capabilities of Spring Boot. From a discussion about the possibilities to have Spring Boot Apps running as a Windows Service and usable service wrappers even a working example emerged.

Stéphane Nicoll speaking

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