New site is live

Published on Jan 7, 2016, Permalink

Welcome to the new EuregJUG website. We have switched off the old static pages and replaced it with a little application based on Hibernate, Spring Data JPA, Spring Boot and Thymeleaf. Our advantage: We can manage our events here, provide a simple registration without Google Docs, Xing Events or similar but have the option to integrate with them in the future.

The new site provides an RSS feed just like before and in addition an iCal / ics Calendar so that you get notified about upcoming events. runs on Pivotal Cloud Foundry for the time being. It really is as easy as Stéphane showed us some months ago at one of our regular talks. What we really like is the fact that the switch between local services (for example from H2 database to PostgreSQL or in memory caching to Redis) works without manually configuration. Feels like black magic.

The source code is available in our repository. And yes, there’s not a single test at the moment, the site has been hacked between Christmas and Silvester last year, feel free to add one :) We also would be more than happy if someone grabs the and adds a Dutch or French translation, for example.

Thanks to Stefan who did our old site with Clojure/cryogen.

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