A todo list for 2016: Recap of Bert Jans talk

Published on Jan 8, 2016, Permalink

Yesterday Bert Jan Schrijver, dutch NLJUG leader from Jpoint visited us in Aachen and spoke about Swimming upstream in the container revolution, his slides are available together with the speakers notes at slideshare.de.

22 visitors enjoyed Bert Jans talk and the room was full… Very cool:

Bert Jan Schrijver speaking

The first thing that comes to mind hearing the "container" keyword is Docker, but the talk was explicitly not about Docker which was great. Bert Jan presented 10 steps how his company managed to implement and provide continuous delivery for Malmberg.

The first slide was already great:

Continuous Integration and deployment

Who’s who in DevOps and the question about who’s doing continuous integration and continuous deployment… Luckily nobody that didn’t have his hand up on the first question raised it on the second.

The 10 principles presented were:

  1. Master branch is always releasable

  2. Each commit is tested extensively

  3. Every delivery step is a Jenkins job

  4. Deployments are roll-forward only

  5. Infrastructure as code - for everything

  6. Put everything in auto scaling groups

  7. No downtime in production

  8. Eyes and ears in production

  9. Repeating tasks are executable for all team members

  10. DevOps teams work on a self service basis

When reading or hearing this, everything sounds like common sense and yet, many of us are not doing it that way. The talk was a real good reminder that all the tools are ready and should be put to good use.

For me especially interesting was the part about infrastructure as code and preferring automatically configured "real" servers instead of a bunch of immutable containers.

Though not every point of the list is applicable to all kinds of applications in all environments (many customers here prefer running their "fat" apps on their hardware, have their own Ops team and so on), some of those will make it onto our own todo list, especially number 1, 3, 8 and 9. And for number 9, we think that the following quote is really important:

Ability to fix stuff is more important than the possibility to break stuff. Trust your developers and operators.

The discussion was really good as well. Thanks Bert Jan for visiting us.

Next event will be on March 7th, we’re planing a little JavaFX event, together with Johan Vos and Manuel Mauky. More information will follow soon. If you’re around the area for JavaLand 2016, make a trip to Aachen.

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