Pivotal supporting the Euregio JUG

Published on Feb 19, 2016, Permalink

Pivotal TealOnWhite

I’m really happy to announce that Pivotal supports our JUG not only through the Spring Framework but also hosting it for a year on Pivotal Web Services.

The site has been running since January on a Pivotal account and the experience is as smooth as promised. We use not only the application itself but also PostgreSQL service (for the posts, events etc.), the MongoDB service (for the assets) and a Redis Cloud instance caching the rendered posts and the optimized CSS and JavaScript.

Thanks a lot to the awesome and always friendly Mark Heckler, it’s an pleasure to know you.

And if any of you readers would like to meet people from the Euregio in Aachen just before JavaLand, register for the JavaFX day. It’s free and there’ll be drinks 😀

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