Short recap of our JavaFX Day

Published on Mar 8, 2016, Permalink

Thinking Networks hosted our talk in March. Thanks a lot for the nice room, much appreciated:


Together with beverages from ENERKO Informatik and books from dpunkt.verlag we had a very nice setting for Johan Vos, Manuel Mauky and Max Wielsch:

IMG 8779

It was nice having Johan talk about the origins of Java - which are actually on mobile - and how Gluon can help Java delopers get their applications on the two big mobile platforms and then how to do it "right".

mvvmFX logo

Max and Manual spoke about the Model-View-ViewModel pattern and how it can easily be implemented or used through builtins of JavaFX: Through properties and bindings. I think it’s a great idea to omit the "Controller" part from the naming convention of the standard JavaFX controllers and thinking of it as the "Code behind" or ViewModel. Much clearer and much better separation of concerns.

After that they spoke about the mvvmFX project. The mvvmFX projects helps facing standard problems in UI development: From pluggable, lightweight dependency injection, a standardized way to instantiate Views and ViewModels to scopes and more. mvvmFX looks really useful, complete and well documented.

If you have the chance, go and see Manuel and Max, nice talk, good slides and well prepared demos.

I’m really happy with 24 visitors, a full room, great atmosphere and nice discussions. If you want to be part of it, check out the topic for our next talk, "Modernizing Software Architecture - the right way" on April 7th:

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