Touring the Euregio: Recap of the Optaplanner talk in Heerlen

Published on Jun 3, 2016, Permalink

Yesterday evening, Geoffrey De Smet came all the way from Gent in Belgium to Heerlen in the Netherlands to speak about OptaPlanner, a Drools powered constraint satisfaction solver and the kind of problems you can easily solve with this tool.

DocMorris was hosting our talk and I would like to thank them for their hospitality, including free food and drinks:

IMG 9650

Geoffry said that he has slides for 5 days… And I tend to believe him. Although I’d wished to hear more about using Drools in the context of Optaplaner, it was very interesting to hear about the various tasks that can be thrown at Optaplaner.


The EuregJUG could also raffle the first license of one the many tools that JetBrains has to offer. Valid for all products for a year. I, personally, believe in NetBeans but recognize that IntelliJ is a great product, loved by many and I’m happy that JetBrains support us.

How valuable those JUG events are in the Java community can be seen by the fact that we had 2 visitors from Croatia who came all the way from Zagreb to speak directly with Geoffrey about the tools he’s behind and they are using.

My company, ENERKO INFORMATIK GmbH was more than happy to provide for a little speaker dinner afterwards:

IMG 9652

The next talk will be in early September at VEDA GmbH in Alsdorf near Aachen. The EuregJUG is really happy to have Dr. Carola Lilienthal as a guest. She will speak about recognizing and reducing technical dept in architectures. At JavaLand earlier this year, the talk was fully booked and received awesome feedback. More details will follow soon.

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