Immutable Infrastructure: Rise of the Machine Images

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The cloud is the new normal and it is time to rethink how we see machines and deployments. We have been piling layer upon layer of complexity for too long. But why should it be this way? It is time to radically simplify all this.

In this talk, we’ll throw general-purpose operating systems, snowflake servers and runtime provisioning out the door. Instead you’ll see how servers become disposable, how machine images are generated from scratch in seconds and how to achieve perfect environment parity from dev to prod.

This is Immutable Infrastructure. It is a profoundly important change as to how we view and treat our systems. We’ll go deep. We’ll look at how this affects scaling, logging, sessions, configuration, service discovery and more. We’ll also look at how containers and machine images compare and why some things you took for granted may not be necessary anymore.

But beware, neither sacred cows nor kittens will be spared!

Axel Fontaine
Axel Fontaine

Axel Fontaine is an entrepreneur, public speaker and software development expert based in Munich. He is the founder and CEO of boxfuse as well as the create of database migration tool Flyway DB and a 2016 Java Champion recognized for his work in the Java World and evangelizing and enabling Continuous Delivery.

Wann und wo?

Talk will talke place on January 9th 2017 at VEDA GmbH in Alsdorf:


Carl-Zeiss-Straße 14
52477 Alsdorf
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Doors open at 18:30 and we will start at 19:00. Please register for free here:

Eine Veranstaltung des iJUG e.V. organisiert durch die EuregJUG.

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