vJUG24 2017

Published on Sep 4, 2017, Permalink

The EuregJUG Maas-Rhine will be part of the vJUG24 edition 2017.

What is the Virtual JUG? The Virtual JUG claims to be the first online JUG in the world and the vJUG24 takes it to the extreme: Having a worldwide, online JUG meetup.


The idea for vJUG24 is that local JUGs host online talks and enjoy some of the great names that Virtual JUG offers. In many cases, speakers will visit the local JUG so the stream for vJUG24 is live from the real meetup.

Sponsored by ZeroTurnaround, the participating JUGs get some swag and also some money to provide food and drinks.

If all goes on smooth as plane the EuregJUG will host this years 18:00 CEST time slot with Kirk Pepperdine, who will speak about the Garbage-First Garbage Collector (G1GC).

Our friends from Traveltainment will host this event near Aachen in Würselen:


Traveltainment GmbH
Carlo-Schmid-Straße 12
52146 Würselen
Google Maps Link

For those of you who forgot, they were the people who did not only provide an awesome catering, but also created the 360° VR video of Michael Plöds talk about DDD earlier this year.

A big "thank you" goes out to Jens Krahe for helping us organizing the event.

We don’t know yet if Kirk will join us in person, but we’ll update this post with all the details if we know more.

Use this link to register for a nice evening joining developers world wide for the vJUG24 and look forward to a nice evening with food, drinks and good conversation: Anmeldung / RSVP für "Kirk Pepperdine - vJUG24 2017"

Doors will be open at around 17:30 and the main talk will start at 18:00.

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