Video: 360° Monitoring, vJUG 24 and Stickers

Published on Oct 27, 2017, Permalink

Our friends at Osthus GmbH recorded Philipps talk about 360° Monitoring of microservices. The talk was held in German, check it out:

The Virtual JUG event this week was quite nice, thanks to the amazing people of Zeroturnaround and TravelTainment Germany:


Also thanks to the people donating some money so that we could buy another round of stickers. Expect 300 stickers with our Duke arriving soon. We will distribute them at our next talk, which will be about reactive stream processing with Microprofile and Kafka on December 14th. The talk will be the last of this year and we’re hitting Aachens world-famous christmas market afterwards to get some nice, mullet wine.

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