Happy birthday: The EuregJUG turns 3

Published on Mar 22, 2018, Permalink

The EuregJUG Maas-Rhine will celebrate it’s third birthday this March. It was founded in spring 2015 by Stefan Pfeiffer and Michael Simons. Michael has run it since 2016.

Yesterday we celebrated at our 23rd event with Eberhard Wolff from INNOQ. Eberhard was so kind and bring a copy of his current book to raffle.

Manfred was one of several attendees who got the answer right (how many events have been held since 2015):

microservices book raffle

You can get free copies of Eberhards Microservices primer and recipes by sending an email to euregjug2018@ewolff.com

Looking back at 3 years of talks and meetups

Having started with registration numbers around 10, Eberhards talk topped our statistics with 63 registration and very low now-show-ratio. Thanks a lot here to our host aixigo and organizers Marcus and Jörg for providing a nice location and great catering:


We are looking forward to further talks this year and many more to come in the next years. And bye the way: We’d love to see talks from our local community, too. If you have something to share, please contact us. Michael will also provide mentoring for a talk if needed. If you think that you can’t fill up an hour an event with several shorter talks could be arranged as well.

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