Thank you!

Published on Dec 16, 2018, Permalink

After a fantastic year with about 370 registered visitors over 8 events I’d like to say thank you:

  • To our speakers

  • To our hosts staff

  • To our hosts

  • And last but not least to our great, little community in Aachen

We started the year with Bernd Rücker at Heusch/Boesefeldt. Thanks Dirk and Franz for your support.

In March, Oliver Drotbohm - back than Gierke - came all the way from Dresden to Inside, where Christoph organized all the things.

We definitely had fun with Eberhard Wolf at Aixigo, where Jörg and Marcus took care of that relatively spontaneous event.

Niko Köbler spoke about Serverless. Synaix have hosted the probably longest talk in the history of EuregJUG. Thanks Eirini and team!

If I remember correctly, Osthus hosted our group for the third time. This year they had Rabea Gransberger speaking about functional programming with Java and announcing a new Java Champion. Shoutout and thanks to Melanie and Stefan!

Jens Schauder visited us in September, premiering at Devolo. Jens spoke about communication for developers and all others. Thanks to Manfred for introducing us, Carsten and Thomas for the superb organization.

The most annoying trip with Deutsche Bahn had Lukas Eder this year. Instead of coming nearly 3 hours early, he came 2 hours late and Michael Simons had to present as a support act. Both talks about jOOQ and SQL happened at Generali Deutschland Informatik Services, thanks to Oli (and Renés Notebook).

We closed this year at ATLAS, with Markus Harrer, who spoke about Software analytics. A big thank you to Timm. Go watch his talk about Spring, Docker and Kubernetes early next year in Javaland!

It has become a nice, little habit to try to visit the Christmas market in Aachen after the December event. Due to time constraints it didn’t work out again this year, but Guinness House happened and we let Franz having the last word in this post. See you next year!

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